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Intergea Network: making network

Intergea Network is a network of car dealerships rooted in a territory that nowadays amounted seven regions and seventeen provinces of central and northern Italy.
The Network was born from the development of a strategic project in the automotive distribution sector of settled by Intergea in the conviction that the business association and the concrete connection between companies are the better choices to face the future and that the family approach is always a satisfying formula.
The medium/small company managed by a owner or a family has in its role and in its territory integration the lifeblood of development.
At the center of all, remain the human relationships between the property, its collaborators and customers, supported however by an efficient and functional structure partner.


The companies, which make up Intergea Network, are the strongest testimony of the value of the project. The experienced changes and the results achieved are a strong motivation for all Dealers interested in joining the Network.
Intergea participates in Intergea Network, but has no management, coordination and control on the companies.

350 assistance centers

124 stores

Partnership: development model

Based on the experience gained in the automotive sector, Intergea has chosen to focus on a model of global development based on joining a company.
A strategic choice, which rewards individual initiative and allows individual companies to fully develop their design skills, contributing to the growth of the whole group.


  • Financial resources, through the acquisition of a minority shareholding
  • Reduction from 10% to 50% of financial charges through the application of better conditions
  • Increased revenues on the sale of financial and insurance instruments, using group conditions


  • The certainty of having the company profit result every month thanks to a strict management control
  • Computer connection with Intergea new and second hand vehicle stocks
  • Possibility to purchase directly second hand vehicles of 6/18 months at extremely competitive conditions, thanks to existing agreements

Promotion of the profit culture

  • Data must be transparent and public
  • Meritocracy becomes a pillar for the Company regardless of the key roles and actions
  • Every month an income statement is realized by location, by department, by seller