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The new auto e-commerce dedicated to private

Within the Intergea Group, Autobro was born, a new e-commerce reality that responds to a constantly evolving car purchase logic.
The platform, customized to meet any type of need in terms of purchase and sale, will give the possibility to choose and purchase a car online but not only, the user will be guided in a process of choosing all financial, insurance and assistance in order to compose the pack that best suits your needs.

As we all know, in recent years, mobility has accelerated its evolution and the car is rapidly transforming itself from good to service. The Intergea Group, which has been observing this phenomenon for years and offering customers innovative solutions through its dealerships, has decided to expand its market by engaging in dialogue with those users – whose number is constantly growing – who wish to choose and buy the remote car, perhaps from the comfort of their sofa.

Everything is ready for the launch of the platform.
On autobro.it you can then choose a car you like and buy it by customizing payments, services and insurance coverage. Not only that, it will also be possible to have your car evaluated to be exchanged in real time, receiving a true and definitive quote in a few simple clicks. Once the choice has been made, it will be possible to have the car sent home or to pick it up in person at one of the affiliated showrooms.
In Corso Rosselli 175 in Turin, inside specially redeveloped and modernized spaces with attention to sustainability, there are the management, marketing and administration as well as the pleasant environment of the showroom that offers the user who so desires, the experience of the online purchase made as if you were at home.