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Insurance and services: Nobis, trasparency and reliability

Nobis Assicurazioni is the company resulting after the acquisition of Filo diretto Assicurazioni.
It contains, recovers and highlights the history and values of the two Companies. Two realities, coming from Italian entrepreneurship, with important complementary elements in terms of geographical distribution and product offering and with common contents as regards innovation, assistance and quality of service.

In non-life insurance, Nobis Assicurazioni is a mid-size insurance reality in terms of premium income, which is characterized by significant ranking positions in some business lines.

Our business proposal

Flexible and customized insurance products and services covering the need areas of travel and tourism, car and home, health and assistance, providing individuals, companies, and freelancers with unique solutions in the areas of mobility and welfare, with protection for their business and assets.
All Nobis Assicurazioni proposals are marketed through a network of selected partners in various distribution channels.

Source: ANIA premi del lavoro diretto italiano 2023 edition

Distribution channels

Nobis Assicurazioni works through a network of more than 700 partners including multi-firm insurance agents and brokers throughout the territory, as well as having established relationships with leading national and international brokers.
The specialized insurance distribution channel is flanked by the Tourism Division, with around 2,000 tour operators including Tour operators, travel agencies, and incentive houses, and the Automotive Division with around 1,000 collaborations in the industry between car manufacturers, financial captives, and dealers.

Insurance brokers

Travel agencies
and tour operators

Car manufacturers, dealers
and financial captive