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After sales

CER&CRF, the leading company in Italy in the distribution of original spare parts

CRF proposes itself as a unique model in Italy of total logistical, distribution, commercial, operational and customer integration for the management of the spare parts warehouse of dealerships, including those not belonging to the Intergea Group and Spazio.

CERTO SERVICE is the Intergea Group brand linked to after-sales assistance. CERTO SERVICE is owned by C.E.R. Centro Europeo Ricambi S.p.A., a European leader in the distribution of original spare parts.

Volumes spare parts*

122 Mil. Euro - 2022 (forecast) 0%

110 Mil. Euro - 2021 0%

99 Mil. Euro - 2020 0%

105 Mil. Euro - 2019 0%

80 Mil. Euro - 2018 0%

* Car manufacturers list

Passages in the workshop

70.500 - 2022 (forecast) 0%

61.000 - 2021 0%

57.500 - 2020 0%

59.500 - 2019 0%

58.000 - 2018 0%

e20 Automotive, reliable professionals for the repair of hailed cars

e20 Automotive is the ideal partner for the management of hail claims.
The innovative business model, based on the direct intervention in the corporate structure of professional dent pullers, allows for a solid and involved operational base capable of overcoming some critical issues typical of the sector, namely the “lack” of employees in periods of greatest demand both in Italy and abroad.