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The platform dedicated to industry dealersĀ 

Autoingros originates not only from retail but also from large-scale distribution, and it is thanks to this combination that the AutoINstock project emerges. AutoINstock is Autoingros’ portal dedicated to all industry players, dealerships, repair shops, body shops, rental companies, and brokers.

To sell more than 6,500 vehicles in 2023 and become a leader in the Italian B2B market, Autoingros’ project is aiming high and is already proving it with more than 5,000 cars sold in 2022, within a year of the website’s launch.

By registering on AutoINstock, you can customize your dashboard, download vehicle specifics, view available stock, and purchase the vehicle of your choice in one simple click. The website provides 24-hour support via an always-on web chat, and each subscriber is entitled to a dedicated contact person. Ten agents are always available and they are dedicated to following B2B Customers’ choices step by step on the portal. Autoingros’ virtual stock allows you to have more than 3,000 cars ready to be sold, plus direct access to AstaCar to participate in B2B Auctions.