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Social commitment


Since 2006, the non-profit organization Associazione Maria Madre della Provvidenza Giorgio Valsania, of which Enzo Valsania serves as President and Alberto Di Tanno as Vice President, has been actively engaged in the Piedmont and Italian territories. It provides thousands of needy individuals with free meals every day and has offered assistance both during the pandemic period and throughout the earthquakes that have devastated our country. However, its activities also extend beyond national borders, reaching all situations requiring humanitarian aid and assistance. This is how AMMP Giorgio Valsania Onlus has not only built a mill in Burkina Faso, a well and a dispensary in Madagascar, and the nursery at the Hospital of Ciriè. Over the years, it has also rushed to the aid of the Ukrainian population.


10 scholarships for the Engineering School

10 scholarships worth 3,000 Euro each will be awarded to deserving students of the Engineering School at the Polytechnic University of Turin. “We are convinced that investing in the education of young people means investing in our future… It is a sign of solidarity between generations and is an expression of our way of doing business, which is always to invest in human resources,” commented Alberto Di Tanno, president of the Intergea Group. The scholarships funded by the Intergea Group will be awarded to students in undergraduate programs in Environmental Engineering, Management Engineering, Automotive Engineering, and Computer Engineering. This is a concrete project in favor of young people that is based on the desire to create a system in the field of education in the areas of excellence of the University and in the local socio-economic sphere. This initiative follows the recent creation of a public space for youth aggregation in the city of Borgaro Torinese, dedicated to sports for young people and entertainment for children.