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The new e-commerce reality dedicated to private individuals

Within Intergea Group, Autobro gets established, a new e-commerce reality that responds to an evolving car buying logic.
This platform, tailored to satisfy any sales and buying need, offers the possibility to choose and purchase a vehicle online, and the customer will be guided through a process including all financial, insurance, and assistance services to customize the best fitting offer.

As we all know, mobility has increased its evolution and cars are rapidly transforming from a good to a service. Intergea Group, which has been closely observing this phenomenon and so it offers its clientele ever-innovating solutions through its car dealerships, is widening its market by reaching out to those customers – whose number is increasing – who want to choose and purchase a vehicle remotely, comfortably from their own home.

Moreover, it is also possible to get a quotation of your car for trade-in in real-time and receive a real and definitive quotation in a few simple clicks. Once the choice is made, it will be possible to have the car delivered to your doorstep or pick it up yourself at one of our participating showrooms.

Autobro is headquartered in Turin, Italy, at Corso Rosselli 175 within specially redeveloped and remodeled spaces with a focus on sustainability. Here, you will find the management, marketing, and administration departments as well as a dedicated photo room inside which detailed photos of all cars are taken.